Post No 1

By Kathleen Hickey

I wanted to make my first post for Sex Love and Drones a little personal. I didn't have the best childhood growing up. My father and mother had divorced when I was six, and I lived with my dad. Although he tried his best to be a good parent, he suffered from untreated PTSD. We moved from place to place, and at times were homeless.

To deal with the situation, I learned to use my imagination to take me away to different lands. I would close my eyes and imagine that I was actually a unicorn, or a mermaid in human form. I felt so sure as a child that I would beg my dad to take me to the beach. I knew as soon as I hit the water everyone would see that I was actually a mermaid. When I first saw the movie "Splash" I took all the salt we had and threw it into the bathtub, sat in the water, and waited. Obviously that method was flawed. After the unicorn and mermaid phase was a period in which I believed I lived on a star, and that I was from space. 

Fast forward to 2014. Although I had reconciled with the idea that I was in fact from Earth, I found myself in need of a way to express myself. I wanted to give back to the community, and put something positive out in the world.

Along came drones. I was initially very intimidated by the technology. I didn't understand how they worked. I didn't understand what drones were used for, or why people were flying them. The more I learned about drones, the more interested I became. 

Earlier this year I decided to start my website and blog. For someone that, at times, has trouble sending an email, the thought of building a website on the topic of drones was almost laughable. It has not been easy, but every time I faced an obstacle, or questioned what I was doing, I would see a video, or picture that moved me. When I would see a video shot with a drone, or beautiful pictures that could be captured in no other way, I feel like I did when I was a little girl. The wonder, passion, and curiosity of discovering, or rediscovering places that exist beyond my front door all came back to me. 

I am so thankful for the tremendous talent, vision, and positive examples in the drone community. Just as these great talents have shown me, I hope that one day I can help another person see beyond the unicorns and mermaids, and know that their own curiosity, inventiveness, imagination, and passion are enough.