New Pilot Experience

By Kathleen Hickey

The New Pilot Experience is offered by DJI, and facilitated by its authorized partners. Registration opens one month before the event, and closes a week before the event date. After online registration is complete, each participant will receive an email invitation from the authorized partner. Space is limited, so it's possible that not everyone signing up, will receive a confirmation email. 

The current class highlights the DJI Phantom. There is also a brief overview of other products, such as the Inspire 1, Ronin, Spreading Wings, and OSMO. There is a comparison of the Phantom 3 Series models, and a features overview, as well as information about the DJI App. The class itself is an hour long, with a flight demonstration, and hands-on flight experience. 

There was DJI swag, and a raffle to win various discounts on the purchase of a Phantom. Giveaways, and discounts may vary by retailer. If you can't make it to one of the events, there is a downloadable guide available. Here are a few pictures from the event I attended. 

Happy Flying!