Below is a list of manufactures, products, organizations, and terms you may come across when researching or learning about drones. I have focused the information so it is drone related. The information provided is minimal, so please take the time to look into a specific company, product, or regulation for additional facts. 

ARF: Almost ready to fly: A drone that requires some assembly before you can fly. 

BNF: Bind and fly: A drone that must be bound to a controller before it can fly. 

Boscam: A type of transmitter and receiver used in FPV racing. 

CEA: An association that brings together companies with the consumer technology industry.

CES: Consumer Electronics Show, is known as one of the most important trade shows that takes place every January in Las Vegas, and is produced by CEA.

Computer Vision: The way computers understand and process images. A technology used for extracting information from images such as image restoration, reconstruction, indexing, and video tracking. Qualcomm and Intel are two companies looking to integrate computer vision and drones. 

DJI: Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) Is a technology company based in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 2006 by Frank Wang, DJI is considered one of the top manufactures of recreational drones, and has created a number of products for professional, and personal use. DJI is known for its Phantom series, as well as Inspire 1. On October 8, 2015 DJI announced OSMO, a hand held camera  that offers cinematic quality and stabilization.

FAA: Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA oversees and regulates civil aviation in America.

Fixed Wing: Usually referring to hobby planes, which have wings, and not removable propellers, or props. 

Flirtey: The first drone delivery system to fly in the US.

FPV: First Person View - a method used to control a UAV from the viewpoint of the pilot. The UAV is piloted from a first person perspective by an on-board camera, which is fed with wireless technology to a video monitor, or FPV goggles. 

Gamaya: A Swiss company that created a small and light hyperspectral imaging system (HSI) camera for drones.

Geo-fencing: A virtual perimeter for a geographic area. Geo-fencing can be used with drones as a virtual barrier, so they may not fly into restricted fly areas. 

Gimbal: In video and filming as well as drone flying, gimbals are used with cameras as a stabilization tool.

Hover: A drone App that allows you to log flights, provides weather information, and fly zone information. 

HSI: Hyperspectral Imaging System

The Innovation Movement: Started by CEA, The Innovation Movement consists of hundreds of thousands of members that support technological innovation. CEA provides tools to members to contact government representatives to support polices that will advance American innovation and technology.

Kit: Drone kits are used for DIY builders. There are various types available for purchase. 

Know Before You Fly: An educational campaign founded by The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), and The Small UAV Coalition. The three organizations have partnered with the FAA to promote safe and responsible flying. KBYF offers a brochure, and information at

Lily: A California based company that created the Lily drone. Lily is ale to fly without a controller, and is focused on capturing action movement with a follow me feature. 

Line of Sight: When a looking at a drone, or quad without using FPV technology. Line of sight video in terms of racing would mean a video of the actual race, and not from the pilots first person view through the quad camera. 

Lipo: Lithium Polymer Batteries, most commonly they type used for drones. 

Multi-Rotor: Another name for multicopters, quadcopters, or drone, which can be used in FPV racing. 

No Drone Zone: An area where you are prohibited from flying a drone. A digital toolkit is available at the FAA website for download. 

Parrot: Based in France, Parrot is known for Bebop drone series, as well as its soon to be released MiniDrones.

Prop: Short for a propeller.

Quad: Another name for a drone. 

RPA: Remotely Piloted Aircraft.

RPV: Remote Person View - another term for FPV

RTF: Ready to fly: No additional parts are needed for your drone to fly. 

SB-142: Senate Bill 142 is a California Bill that was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown in September 2015. The bill would have greatly limited drone flights with strict regulations and harsh penalties.  

SDK: Software Development Kit. A software tool that allows applications for software and hardware platforms. You may see that a certain SDK for a drone is available for download. 

Section 333 exemption: A petition for exemption through the FAA that allows someone to fly a UAS for commercial or business reasons. A person that would like to fly a drone as a hobby, or for recreational purposes does not need a Section 333 exemption, but must still always follow FAA guidelines. 

SINOCES: A trade show held every year in China. It is a CEA joint sponsored event to showcase Chinese and American companies and their products.

Threading the Needle: - Basically bad ass flying. An FPV term for flying a quad through a tight, or close spot. 

Tone Start: In FPV racing, there are a series of tones used as a countdown to take off. 

UAS: Unmanned Aircraft System.

UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

UAV Zones: An App that allows you to see no fly zones. 

Video Piloting: An alternate term for FPV and/or RPV.

VTX: Video Transmitter System.

Yuneec: A drone company known for their Typhoon series, and new Tornado H920 which boats a 42 minute flight time.

3D Robotics: 3DR, was started by Chris Anderson, and Jordi Munoz. Initially focused on the DIY community, 3DR now offers ready to fly drones, such as the IRIS series, and SOLO.